Breck C. sent in three ads created by a Singapore ad agency for Coopers Premium Light beer (found at theartistandhismodel). The idea is that, because the beer is only 2.9% alcohol, you’ll have less of a “beer goggles” problem and won’t hook up with inappropriate women:




It appears that the beer will prevent you from taking women such as these, all of whom are depicted as unattractive, home with you. Also, as copyranter points out, the woman in the middle picture may be underage, and the woman in the third photo has on a ring and so is presumably engaged or married. So I guess it’s not just about them being unattractive, but I think that’s obviously a major element of the ads.

My first thought was that these must be a hoax, but I couldn’t find any evidence that it was online, and copyranter usually does decent fact-checking. Also, according to coloribus, it was one of the winners of the 2008 Cannes Lions Press Bronze awards.

UPDATE: Commenter Ains has a different perspective:

I think it’s supposed to be that each of the women is 2.9% affected by the beer goggles effect. Like the beer has 2.9% alcohol. So I think they are supposed to be unattractive, except for the small beer goggled area: the calf on the first model, the breasts on the second, and the face on the third.

Also see these Bacardi ads that suggest women should get an ugly friend so they look better in comparison and this one about dealing with your girlfriend asking “does my butt look big?” And this anti-drinking PSAs tell women if they drink too much they’ll look like men.

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