Lisa recently posted some images in which a woman’s body is used to symbolize HIV/AIDS (also see the links to other examples of similar scare tactics). Emily sent in a link to a story about an AIDS awareness campaign in which the disease is represented as a mass murderer.

Not safe for work…

In each case an attractive young woman, whose breasts we see to a greater or lesser extent, has passionate sex but, we presume, is unaware that her partner is dangerous, and also older and creepy. In this video it’s Hitler:

World AIDS Day Ad: Hitler from on Vimeo.

Print version with Hitler. I might have thought it was possibly an attack if I hadn’t seen the video first:




Saddam Hussein:


UPDATE: Reader Sabriel makes a good point:

These ads also equate people who have HIV with mass murderers, as if anybody who gets an incurable STD turns into Stalin or Hitler. I prefer PSAs that don’t conflate the person with the disease.

And commenter Kate pointed out this Australian AIDS-awareness ad from the 1980s, in which we learn that now that it’s not just affecting gays and drug users, we need to be really worried:

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