We’ve repeatedly posted about how PETA sexualizes women as a way to draw attention to animal rights issues (a Russian animal rights group has taken up the same tactic). And now we have Angry Green Girl, a website sent in by Andrea K. that applies the idea to environmental issues. The women claim to be “hot, green, and shameless.”

A hybrid-only car wash by women in bikinis:


A video that includes a fully-clothed man wearing a t-shirt labeled “Can’t Get Laid Guy”:

As we see, men are given at least the hope of sexual access to hot women if they make appropriate environmental choices.

From an article at treehugger, which seems to completely approve of this approach:

Angry feminists usually get the eye roll. But what about angry green girls? Seems like they’re getting plenty of attention – or at least this particular spokesperson for green issues. Basically, Angry Green Girl knows how to use her hotness for getting attention, but for a good green cause. From hybrid-only bikini car washes to nearly naked shower tips, check out how Angry Green Girl broadens the eco-issue umbrella through her sarcasm-laden eco-tips. Water issues have never looked quite like this.

These types of activism are based on the premise that a) sexualizing women is acceptable if it’s for a good cause (based on what the group cares about) and b) they actually get people to think about the issues and change their behaviors. Leaving aside the appropriateness of the first point for now (see Lisa’s post on the problems with this logic)–caution, not safe for work), the other question is…are these types of campaigns actually effective? Do people (presumably heterosexual males, that is) who wouldn’t otherwise care about environmental issues watch a video with a girl in a bikini and then rethink their driving habits or what kind of car they plan to purchase?

My first reaction is to be doubtful, but I dunno. What do you think, readers? Anybody have any direct (positive or negative) experience with something of this sort?

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