We posted multiple times about images in which women appear brutalized, threatened, or dead: the Lady Gaga video, a Rene Russo photo shoot, the Pirelli calendar, a NYT fashion slideshow, and the “America’s Next Top Model” murdered women photos, for instance. Jamy B. sent in a set of ads Lanvin is rolling out this fall. They draw on a previous Lanvin campaign for a perfume called My Sin:


Here are the new versions:




From Project Beltway.

I have nothing new to add to our previous analyses–it’s another example of sort of dead-looking women in sexualized positions. But this time they add cats, which actually look at the camera and definitely appear to be alive, giving them more subjectivity than the women have.

My professional, well-reasoned, deeply-pondered sociological insight: ick.

NEW! (Oct. ’09) Anna W. sent in a link to a set of images at Glossed Over. The images come from the September 2009 issues of W magazine. Many of the images present women in very passive poses, many of which make them appear dead:







NEW! (Mar. ’10): Martha sent in some images from the book Who Killed Amanda Palmer? A Collection of Photographic Evidence, a collaboration between the singer Amanda Palmer and writer Neil Gaiman. The photos in the book show Palmer posed as though she’s been murdered, often in ways that are sexualized as well. Some examples:



I’m putting the next one after the jump because it’s a very realistic-looking image of her nearly naked, bloodied, and folded up into a shopping cart; it may be upsetting and/or somewhat NSFW, so be warned.



Martha says,

…it seems to be straight up fetishization of sexualized violence against women, in the most disturbing kind of way, but I’ve seen basically no backlash against it.  I wonder if this is because Amanda Palmer has a reputation as something of a feminist…or because people are so inured to images like this…

Given how many images of dead- or brutalized-looking women as entertainment we’ve gathered, it seems that such presentations don’t, in and of themselves, seem problematic our out-of-bounds to a lot of people, either in the fashion world or among the public.

See an earlier post on Amanda Palmer here.

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