Heather sent us a link to a product that combines the commodification of everything with the ramping up of the requirement that pregnant women be nice to look at.

To commodify something is to take something that is not bought and sold and turn it into something that is. In this case, the commodity is a barf bag for pregnant women experiencing “morning” sickness. Be chic while you barf with “morning chicness” barf bags:


Heather writes:

According to the site, each bag is printed with ‘take one day at a time’ as an inspirational message. Pregnancy, it seems, is to be endured – and prettied up. I can certainly understand the impetus to want to be discreet about morning sickness (and the site does note that the bags could be used by anybody with nausea, or for doggie doo!), but I don’t know that there’s a need to ‘cute-ify’ a basic biological process.


Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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