Sady at Tiger Beatdown commented about this commercial:

Sady points to the way that the commercial points to a perfect past time before men were feminized:

Remember when men were men? Real live masculine manly men of manhood and manliness? Boy, doesn’t it suck that men aren’t men any more, and they have to be less manly and manful in their day-to-day interactions?

She continues:

It’s almost as if many men fetishize a foregone time when male privilege was entirely unhampered and ran rampant (LIKE GODZILLA) through the streets and no-one ever questioned it and the performance of traditional highly privileged masculinity was never challenged! I wonder what could have brought this glorious time to an end?

Well, women of course:


(Picture borrowed from Sady, too.)

This is why the commercial is problematic.  It implies that, when men allow themselves to be influenced by femininity (women?), they lose something instead of gain something.

Feminism is often similarly presented as a zero sum game: when women won something, men lost something.

This, of course, puts men and women at odds and encourages the denigration of femininity and anti-feminist initiatives.


Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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