Divorce cakes are wedding cake-inspired cakes with which you celebrate a divorce.  Here are some pictures:










Aside from the fact that some of these are mean and others downright violent, they are interesting in that, while some cakes present both rejecting each other, many present a wife rejecting a husband, and none present the husband rejecting the wife.

Why might this be?  Is there no market for divorce cakes for men?   I doubt it.  Women do file for divorce more often than men, and they report greater happiness after divorce than men do… but I don’t think it accounts for the celebratory asymmetry.

Instead, I propose that the reason that there are cakes like these aimed at women and not men is because we think of weddings as feminine things.  A man only has a wedding cake because he is getting hitched to a woman (who has presumably been dreaming about her wedding since she was a wee fertilized egg).  Once he is unhitched, girly things go with her.  So wedding cakes, even divorce-themed ones, are  for ladies only.

(Images found here, here, and here.)


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