Caitlin M., who submitted the commercial, writes:

What I find intriguing/problematic about it is the way the ad co-opts [Sly and the Family Stone’s] creative message about embracing diversity, and uses it to market candy. Obviously this is part of a larger trend of marketers cashing in on progressive movements’ popular cultural signifiers to sell their products, disconnecting things like this song from its original, powerful message.

Indeed. We’ve featured a few other examples of this related to race: this set of ads that associate people of color with “progress” and related ideas, this set that associates the product with racial tolerance and harmony, and, arguably, this ad for Skittles and these ads co-opting Obama’s election

We’ve featured a lot of examples of the trivialization of feminism and women’s empowerment.  Many of these are more obvious and more obviously trivializing.  Consider these ads for make-up, more make-up; botox; cars and bras; more cigarettes; cleaning products, eyeglasses, and pants; diamond rings; credit cards, cigarettes, and cars; more cigarettes; easing kitchen duty; and fashion.

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