We recently posted about advertising that capitalized on Obama’s popularity.  Here we have a non-profit called CatholicVote doing the same.  NBC reportedly refused to air it during the Superbowl:

There are lots of comments on our earlier post about whether or not it’s okay to use Obama’s image to sell stuff. In those cases, that “stuff” may be relatively innocuous, like ice cream. Whether Obama’s image should be used to popularize wildly consequential issues like abortion, however, seems to me to be an entirely different question. The first may trivialize him but, since Obama is pro-choice, the second seems to be a more serious affair, even abusive of his image. 

Not to mention the fact that there is some irony, or perhaps disingenuousness, in capitalizing on the popularity of a politician who, ideologically, they would really like to see out-of-office.  In fact, getting him replaced with a pro-life candidate is exactly what this ad is promoting.   The logic is something like this:  If you like Obama so much, you should get him out of office, so that people like Obama can be in office.  What?

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