Kelly V. sent in this Bacardi ad (found here), in which we learn that a woman with three breasts would be better than beer:

My initial thought was that it might be a hoax, but I couldn’t find any evidence that it is. I did, on the other hand, find a link to this Bacardi commercial, also of a 3-breasted woman:

Bacardi Rum Come

So presumably a woman with just two breasts wouldn’t be better than beer, but a three-breasted woman would make the cut, being better than beer…just like Bacardi! You might compare it to the beer ad in this post, in which it’s clear that beer is better than women.

You could use it as an example of objectification, obviously, but it’s also an interesting example of viral marketing, and might spark a discussion of how viral marketing is often nearly indistinguishable from hoax ads…which in many cases is the point. It’s part of an effort to make ads seem less “ad-like,” and thus more hip and cool. It makes me think of the book PopCo, which, though a fictional novel, brings up a lot of interesting issues about viral marketing and how mainstream corporations will sometimes create a product line that appears independent and, thus, appeals to individuals who might eschew giant corporations in favor of smaller start-ups that seem to offer an alternative. (If anyone knows of a scholarly work on this topic, let me know and I’ll add a link to it.)

Thanks, Kelly!

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