According to Jezebel, Pirelli is a tire company that produces a prestigious calendar that cannot be bought, but is handed out to clients and celebrities.  This year it is almost as if those behind the calendar think that people get turned on by seeing women in dangerous, dirty, uncomfortable, and disgusting sitations.  Oh, and then there’s the gang rape simulation.

In addition to that, it features an image with a woman getting her hand amputated with a chainsaw; the appropriation of the “primitive” and the exploitation of a (presmably not fake, but could be fake) indigenous population; the posing of models with dead animals; simulated animal attacks; the by-now-yawn-inducing creepy-crawly-on-your-face pose; naked women covered in filth; and more that I cannot even begin to describe.

Images after the jump.  They are not safe for work.  Further, some of the images may be upsetting to someone who is sensitive to images of sexual assault:

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