This is a commercial for Pantene Chrysalis brand shampoo. The motto is “You can shine.”  Thanks to Deb G. for sending it in.

The “commercial,” which is really a 4 minute long mini-movie, depicts a young, deaf, Asian girl who wants to play violin. Against all odds, she becomes a virtuoso. If you don’t want to watch all four minutes, the shiny hair really starts flying at about 3:30.

I wonder what you all think of these ad campaigns that include empowering, feel-good messages. Is Pantene being opportunistic?  Is it shrouding its own self-interest (you buying Pantene) in a message that makes you feel like the company cares about the shiny hair deaf girls achieving their dream of playing violin?  Is this better than your age ol’ if-you-want-to-be-beautiful-you-better-buy-our-product message?  Worse?

And, on another topic, how do we feel about the representation of Asians in this mini-movie?

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