Yesterday I went to a teaching conference held at Harrah’s Casino. It’s Vegas, people; everything happens at casinos. Anyway, as I was driving home I passed a “gentlemen’s club” and noticed a sign announcing a Sarah Palin contest from the night before. Here are some photos from the contest (found at the Toronto Sun). Though there are no topless women in the photos, they might not be safe for your workplace (women in bikinis, including one in a thong bikini photographed from behind).

We’ve had several posts about the sexualization of Sarah Palin (as well as other female politicians) (see herehere, here, and here), but I thought these photos were worthy of their own post. In addition to the sexualization of Palin herself, notice the sexualization of guns (see also here, here, and here).  (Also, on the “in Palin we trust” sign in the top photo, there are crossed guns on either side of her face).

The winner got $10,000 and a trip to D.C. for the inauguration.

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