This promo for the new version of Beverly Hills 90210 (found at Shameless magazine) assures us that it is “cooler, sexier, more provocative” than the original and that “every character has a secret.”

We also learn that the main African American character was adopted when one of the White characters took him out of a “bad situation” in a foster home. So we get to have a good, kind White character who saves the Black kid from a dismal future, and get to add some “diversity” to the cast without committing to an entire Black family, apparently.

And since we’re living in the age of the MILF, one of the moms is described as “the contemporary, modern-day mom. She is as cool as her children,” which I think means she’s also sexy.

Compare that trailer to the opening credits for seasons 2 and 3 of the original 90210 (which first aired in 1990):

Doesn’t it seem so cute and innocent in comparison? Shannon Doherty, the “bad girl,” is shown in a button-down shirt that is buttoned all the way to the neck! It’s like she’s Amish or something.

You might combine these images with the article “Familiar Zipcode, New Bodies: A Critical Analysis of the Feminine Body in 90210” by Shayla Thiel-Stern. She discusses how the bodies of the actresses in the original and new series compare and the way that excessively expensive consumer goods are increasingly portrayed as products for teens to aspire to.

See this post for a Gossip Girl ad that also highly sexualizes teens.

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