Teresa from Moment of Choice sent me a link to BeautifulPeople, a dating site that claims to let only attractive people join:


The tagline, “Campaign for real beauty,” and the pose are taken from Dove’s “Real Beauty” marketing campaign. Applicants submit a profile and then members vote on whether they are attractive enough to join.

Here is a post about it on the website for Jessica Martens, an international model who is second from the left in the above promotional photo. The African American man, Leroy Bascombe, is also a professional model. I don’t know if the models in the ads are members are not. Here is a segment about the site from Entertainment Tonight Canada. In it, Bascombe at least implies that he’s a member:

This could be great for a discussion about the “dating marketplace,” standards of beauty, or online communities. Of course, you could also use it to discuss how people can be conceited, narcissistic assholes, but that’s not very sociological.

Of course, it might be useful to compare this dating service with this Indian dating service, which matches people based on all kinds of characteristics. Do we feel equally repulsed at both types of controlled matching? Are we more accepting of the idea of screening people into groups based on cultural characteristics rather than physical ones? Why?

Thanks, Teresa!

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