Burk sent in a link to an, um, interesting computer game called Cunt. You shoot out of a set of male genitalia and try to destroy “bugs” crawling off/around a set of female genitalia while trying to avoid harming the vaginal opening itself. The instructions say you can wiggle the mouse to throw the “bugs” off if they make it onto your shooter’s balls.

I dunno why, people. I just post ’em, I don’t make ’em.

Although actually I was pleased that you weren’t SUPPOSED to shoot into the vaginal opening, so I’m coming away from this feeling okay, given everything. [See Correction below]

Thanks, Burk. Really. Thanks.

CORRECTION: Well, as Molly pointed out in the comments, it turns out you ARE supposed to shoot into the vagina. I thought it was *bad* when you “injured” it and that you were only supposed to kill the bugs/germs, but no, you’re supposed to kill the infected vagina.


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