Mary M. (of the fantastic blog This Book Is For You) sent links to these two video segments about the diets of Olympians. This first one (found here), about swimmer Michael Phelps (and titled “Fuel for Phelps”), approvingly discusses how much he eats:

Fuel for PhelpsFunny bloopers are a click away

Compare it to this video about swimmer Kate Ziegler (found here):

Mary says,

Both of them have to consume a ton of calories to recover from their workouts, but I thought it was interesting that Phelps was encouraged to “cram in as much food as possible,” much of it incredibly unhealthy (pancakes, sausage, Chinese take-out, deli sandwiches, fast food) while poor Ziegler gets stuck with a trainer who has her on a diet of “clean” foods, whole wheat toast and eggs, and criticizes her for what seems like pretty normal, moderate consumption of processed foods. I’m not a nutritionist, so there may be some difference between men’s and women’s bodies that necessitates this, but it seemed odd to me.

Cool find, Mary! And seriously, if you like books, you should check out her blog. She writes excellent reviews.

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