In a previous post I argued that sexism constrains men’s lives by making all things coded feminine off-limits (see also here).  I didn’t discuss how, in a world of male privilege, the worst thing a guy can be is girly… or, god forbid, an actual girl.  Consider this Australian ad sent in by Daniel G.:

In this ad, being girly actually makes you into a woman.  And that, apparently, is freakin’ horrifying. 

Now I’m going to use some strong language, so…

…so did you ever notice that almost all of the slurs aimed at men in middle school translate roughly into “woman”?  Consider:







There is not a similar set of slurs denigrating women by calling them names that translate roughly into “man.”  In fact, in some instances, being told you are like a man is one of the best compliments a woman can recieve (i.e., sports). 

So, sure enough, we live in a society where “woman” is an insult.  I can’t imagine what more proof of sexism a person might need.

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