Elizabeth, of the excellent Blog of Stench, wrote in to tell us about the website Michelle Obama Watch, which tracks media attacks on Michelle and the Obamas’ two daughters. Of particular interest was Yazmany Arboleda’s “The Assassination of Barack Obama” art exhibit.

Here are images from the exhibit (found here):

Here is another image from the exhibit, which shows the Obamas’ two daughters under the heading “nappy headed hos” (found here):

But then I found this–a video of part of the exhibit showing people carrying around a giant black phallus followed by a person carrying a sign that says, “Once you go Barack…”:

The artist also has an exhibit called “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton” (all found here):

“Would you have sex with her? Neither would Bill.”

The exhibits were shut down when a gallery in New York City tried to show them. Arboleda claimed they had been shut down at other galleries in the past as well, but that turned out to be a fabrication/publicity stunt (or, as politicians put it, he ‘misspoke’).

Arboleda argues that his exhibit is meant to highlight the mainstream media’s “character assassination” of Obama and Clinton and the way that real issues get ignored in favor of tearing apart things like Clinton’s pantsuits. A lot of people say it is racist (just google “Arboleda racist” and look for yourself–there are too many to bother linking to them), and Michelle Obama Watch said using the Obama children was out of line.

So there’s a whole lot of food for thought, dear reader.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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