Auderey, commenting on this post, brought these to our attention. They are available here. And as the website says:

Protect our troops – from the womb to the war. What if the fetus you were going to abort would grow up to be a soldier bringing democracy to a godless dictatorship?

Plastic replica of an 11-12 week old fetus, 3″ long, holding a firearm in its precious little hand, with an assortment of other military paraphernalia, encased in a translucent plastic ornament, with a patriotic yellow ribbon on top. Includes a metal ornament hanger. If only a womb were this safe, attractive and reasonably priced!

Show that you support the “culture of life” by buying and proudly displaying one of these patriotic unborn Americans.

Note to the confused: This is a real product, from a real site. The product is a satire, but it is also a real product – FOR SALE.

While these ornaments are satirical, states at war do employ pro-natalist policies and campaigns.

fetal attractions troop ornament

Thanks, Auderey!

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