Johanna G. sent in this image, which just came out in what she calls “a major Icelandic newspaper.”

The text at the bottom says “Sorry, my people like to have you well done.”

So…Obama as a cannibalistic tribesman cooking sexy Hillary in a pot. It is the year 2008, right? Or did I miss the invention of the time machine and we’ve gone way, way back?

I resisted the urge to list this under the “food” tag.

Let me JUST SAY: In no way am I implying there is anything wrong with Iceland, or that this political cartoon says anything about the Icelandic people. I am sure Iceland is a lovely place with fantastic people. I hear it is much warmer and more beautiful than the name might lead you to believe. I labeled the post with the “Iceland” tag only because when we get something from another country that we can verify, we put a tag on for that country.

And I am sure there are all kinds of cultural differences that would make this image mean something different in Iceland than in the U.S., where you can still buy (new, non-antique) mammy dolls at weird little knick-knack stores (I found some last year).

But the point of this blog is just to put up images for people (presumably instructors, but whoever reads it, obviously) to use as starting points for discussions, and clearly different people are going to find different things about the cartoon interesting–you could use it in a discussion about freedom of speech, about the media, about politics, about political cartoons, about race or sex, about how the rest of the world pays attention to U.S. elections but most Americans can’t name the leaders of even our closest allies…How people might use it will depend on where they’re coming from, which is the fascinating thing about symbols–whatever the creator of the cartoon might have meant, now that it’s out there, people will have all kinds of ideas about it that may or may not have occurred to the creator–who may or may not care.

In another example of Barack Obama as a violent savage and a sexualized Hillary Clinton-like figure, Lindsay R. told us about Barack the Barbarian, a comic book series put out by Devil’s Due (image found at The Daily What):


NEW! Jason K. pointed out this image of Obama as a “witch doctor” (an interesting phrase in and of itself) making the rounds among people opposed to healthcare reform. A member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates forwarded it to a listserv (image found at Talking Points Memo):


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