One of my students pointed me to this pro-ana (that is, pro-anorexia) website. It provides tips on avoiding eating and hiding signs of anorexia from parents and doctors. In addition, there are “thinspiration” photos to provide anorectics images of what they are trying to achieve.

Note: A commenter pointed out that these images might be disturbing to some, particularly those recovering from an eating disorder, so I’ve made it optional whether you see them:




The images originally come from CeruleanButterfly, which has many more “thinspiring” photos, such as this:


This could be useful for a discussion of women, body image, and agency, and the ways in which women actively participate in–and even take joy in–unhealthy behaviors and share tips on how to cover those behaviors from others. It could also illustrate why anorexia is such a difficult disease to treat, since sufferers are often completely resistant to the idea that there is a problem.

Thanks, Velanie W.!

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