Elizabeth Z. sent us a note to point out that Lego currently has only one female character in the castle line, the princess. Here she is, as pictured on the Lego website, as a damsel in distress in the cage under the dragon’s left wing:

In her description, the website nicely balances the coy and the tomboy:

“The King’s only daughter is beautiful and brave, but a little headstrong. When the Evil Wizard captured her, she tried to escape so many times that he had to lock her in the Skeleton Tower. Now she waits for a hero to come to her rescue… if she doesn’t get away herself first!”

Elizabeth notes:

“Maybe this year is just short on women? Nah, the Wikipedia entry calls out the years there were 2 whole women in the line. There aren’t many. And in the discussion I ran across on this topic, the men justified the lack because a) mostly boys buy Lego anyway and b) you know, it wouldn’t be realistic to have more women. Medieval fighters were mostly men. ‘Cause yeah, it’s absolutely realistic to have more skeleton fighters and dragons than women.”

Thanks so much, Elizabeth!

Also in companies I hate to bash: I love my Roomba, but….

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