10-Year-Old Girl Models Bikini

As reported in The Daily Mail, this 10-year-old girl worked the catwalk among adult models. Said the fashion designer of her swimsuit line:

“I think the women who like my stuff… exude sexuality.”

Trainer Pole For A Stripper-In-Training

This play stripper pole was being sold in the toys and games section of British store Tesco. Notice the girlish font and language (peekaboo) and the cartoon figure. It was removed after complaints. It is still for sale, but not in the toys/games section, and is marketed as an adult novelty item.

Found over at Feministing.

Word on the street is that Peekaboo is in talks with Nintendo to develop a pole dancing Wii game based on this toy. Yes, seriously.

Lower Back Temporary Tattoos

Not old enough to get a tattoo, your little girl can still get her very own “tramp stamp” (as they are called). This Toys ‘R Us vending machine is stocked with temporary tattoos for the lower back.

Thanks to Heather O. for the link.

Also in sexualizing little girls: sexualizing infants, horribly misguided anti-statutory rape PSAs, and a disgusting T.


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