Here is a link to the website of Dr. Frank Meronk, a plastic surgeon. This particular page showcases the Asian eyelid surgeries the doctor has performed. Here are some before-and-after photos:

And another set:

The website also has some interesting commentary on why Asians should get this surgery:

Irrespective of ethnicity, an upper eyelid is typically considered more
attractive by most people if it lacks excessive skin and fat, possesses a
reasonably defined crease (which makes the eye appear bigger–a universal signal
of youth and attention), and displays at least some platform of exposed skin
between the crease and the eyelashes (which, in ladies, allows for a more
effective application of makeup). A well-contoured lower eyelid free of bulging
fat projects an image of youth, energy, and rest. While all so-called
“standards” of physical beauty are culturally variable and dependent upon the
eye of the beholder, most experienced eyelid surgeons agree that the qualities
noted here are generally appreciated across many diverse cultures and not solely
a matter of Western bias.

There are a couple of particularly note-worthy points here–the argument that a particular eyelid shape is just universally more attractive (a fact attested to by “experienced eyelid surgeons,” who would clearly be objective), and that it’s worth undergoing surgery to be able to wear makeup more “effectively,” whatever that means.

And don’t worry–they can do this surgery on you even if you’re of “mixed heritage“!

Luckily, patients don’t wait until they start aging to take care of their eyelids:

In general, patients seeking double eyelid surgery to create or enhance a weak
crease are not just young but often very young. Aging
tendencies have not yet made an appearance.

Don’t worry, men can have the surgery too.

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