Letta Page

Associate Editor and Producer
The Society Pages

In Twitter terms, I self-present as a disarmingly earnest editor, translator of academia, portmanteuse, and domesticated roustabout.

More professionally, I might say: I am the associate editor and producer of The Society Pages and a jargon-slayer for hire. I am also the senior managing editor of Contexts magazine (the public outreach journal of the American Sociological Association), I have over a decade of experience in academic editing across a range of disciplines. I’ve edited and written copy for publications from Oxford University Press, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, W.W. Norton, the University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, and many others, along with dozens of journals. As a sort of fun “palate cleanser” (trust me, when you’re editing books on neoliberalism and genocide, always good to have a fallback), I write copy for organizations like Stand Up! Records and Six Degrees Uptown. I also have a background in the visual arts and was a founder of First Amendment Arts in Minneapolis, MN. I hold degrees in history and classical studies from Boston University and an art degree from the University of Minnesota, and I enjoy making up words when necessary (or when it’s simply a good idea).

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