In this episode, we talk with University of Pittsburgh School of Law Professor David Harris about his new book Failed Evidence: Why Law Enforcement Resists Science. We discuss the cultural and organizational resistance to adopting scientific techniques into police and prosecutorial practices, and what social scientists can do about it.

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This episode we return to our ongoing series on genetic research and sociology inspired by our Summer 2009 feature article on the topic (take a listen to our interview with Thomas Bouchard to hear our first discussion). This time we engage with a slightly different “socio-cultural” perspective and invited sociologist Allan Horwitz to give us his take on how this new science of the gene may medicalize new syndromes. Horwitz also talks about his new controversial book The Loss of Sadness, an examination of the medicalization of depression.

Also in this episode, Jeremy Minyard shares a discovery on corporate deviance and legitimacy.

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This episode we take a break from talking to all of these sociologists and talk to a psychologist instead: Thomas Bouchard, Director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research. Bouchard is a strong advocate of bridging the biological and social sciences (ahem, behavioral sciences), and is a strong critic of sociology’s traditional failure to participate in this effort. Given the recent AJS Special Issue on genetics and social structure, as well as our Summer 2009 feature on the topic, we thought it’d be fun to share some of this work with Bouchard and sit down to hear his thoughts on genetics, science and the relationship between psychology and sociology.

Also, Shannon Golden shares a discovery on the religiosity of American professors.

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