Linda J. Waite, author of Sexuality Has No Expiration Date from the Summer 2010 issue of Contexts, separates the facts from the myths and stereotypes about sexuality and aging.

Also: Jesse picks the first Society Page of the Week: A Tale of Two Simulacra: Market Meets Jersey Shore by Brooke Harrington on Economic Sociology.

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Edward Walker talks about his Spring 2010 feature Industry-driven activism. Topics include the role of industry in shaping the health care debate and the state of social movements in the age of the internet and astroturfing.

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This episode’s guest is Lane Kenworthy, author of our Summer 2009 cover story, Tax Myths. In the article, Kenworthy address four myths about taxes and we go through each one and then some.

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Also, Kristin Haltinner stops by to discuss Jill McCorkel and Jason Rodriquez’ “Are You an African?” The Politics of Self-Construction in Status-Based Social Movements, from May 2009’s Social Forces.

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This episode, we speak with Barbara Risman about her call for a Council of Social Science Advisors featured in her Spring 2009 One Thing I Know column for Contexts. We talk about how policy might be different if social scientists played a greater role and also about sociology and socialism.

If you’re interested in the idea of a Council for Social Science Advisors, and you’re heading to San Francisco for the ASA’s this weekend, be sure to attend Open Forum: Does the Obama Administration Need a Social Science Scholars Council? A Public Forum, Saturday August 8 at 2:30 pm.

This episode also includes a discussion of a discovery on health & unemployment.

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Everyone knows the private sector is hurting thanks to the economic crisis, but what about non-profit institutions like universities, art museums, and social service & charitable organizations?

Special Guest Co-Host Wes Longhofer and Arturo Baiocchi talk to Woody Powell about the troubled state of non-profits during today’s economic downturn.

Plus, Arturo shares a discovery from Social Psychology Quarterly on the relationship between income, happiness and marriage.

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