Part two of David Grazian’s interview with Chuck Klosterman. This second half of the interview touches on goth day at Disney Land, irony and humor, self-awareness among celebrities, reality tv and how to entertain and inform at the same time.

Be sure to check out part one, too!

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This episode is the first in a two part interview with journalist Chuck Klosterman. Contexts Culture Review Editor David Grazian met up with Klosterman in New York City for a wide-ranging discussion about music, celebrity, reality tv and humor. This first episode focuses on music, and the second episode will be posted here in a few days is available now & focuses on celebrity, irony and reality tv.

If you’re unfamiliar with Klosterman’s work, his books are a great place to start and include Fargo Rock City, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, and Eating the Dinosaur.

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Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader, phones into Contexts HQ to discuss his work on building intergenerational communities. Topics include a history of the Utne Reader and the shape of communities in modern society.

Also, Jon shares a discovery on religiosity and abortion.

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This episode we return to our ongoing series on genetic research and sociology inspired by our Summer 2009 feature article on the topic (take a listen to our interview with Thomas Bouchard to hear our first discussion). This time we engage with a slightly different “socio-cultural” perspective and invited sociologist Allan Horwitz to give us his take on how this new science of the gene may medicalize new syndromes. Horwitz also talks about his new controversial book The Loss of Sadness, an examination of the medicalization of depression.

Also in this episode, Jeremy Minyard shares a discovery on corporate deviance and legitimacy.

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Jesse and Jon give Peter Dreier a call to discuss his study, Manipulating the Public Agenda: Why ACORN Was in the News, and What the News Got Wrong. Dreier discusses ACORN, the study’s findings, and why ACORN has proven to be such an irresistable target for the Right. Jesse even convinces him to spill the beans about where he gets his amazing sociology powers. The study has recieved tons of media attention, but two good places to start if you want to learn more are Dreier’s article in Editor and Publisher and his appearance on the Rachel Maddow show.

First, Jesse shares an article that asks, Why do we remember Rosa Parks?

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This episode, Julie Artis discusses her Fall 2009 Contexts article, Breastfeed at your own Risk — which you can read online at for free, by the way! Artis discusses the history of breastfeeding, and what breastfeeding can tell us about motherhood, gender and culture. She also addresses the reaction to her article and it’s title.

But first, Jeremy Minyard shares a discovery about socioeconomic differences in college transfer.

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This week, Jeffrey Dixon talks Turkey, Islam and the EU. What can the debate about Turkey joining the EU tell us about religion, democracy and globalization? Listen in and find out!

But first, Hollie Nyseth shares a discovery about how mothers’ community participation affects their child’s health.

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Contexts co-editors Doug Hartmann and Christopher Uggen stop by the Contexts World Headquarters for a quick chat. Dougtopher talk about the past, present and future of Contexts.

Also, Sarah Shannon shares an discovery on a natural experiment after Hurricane Katrina.

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This week’s guest is Jessie Daniels, author of Cyber Racism and blogger at Racism Review and Contech. Cyber Racism is about white supremacist groups online, and Daniels tells us how white supremacy online is important for how we think about education, free spech and multiculturalism.

Also, Kia Heise discusses Karin Martin’s Normalizing Heterosexuality: Mothers’ Assumptions, Talk, and Strategies with Young Children.

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