Two segments this week:

First, Chris gives a shout out to Sociological Images for their post on Push Up Bikini Tops at Abercrombie Kids, which inspires a discussion about gender and childhood culture.

Second, a discussion about Ebooks, Amazon, DRM, and the fate of public knowledge.


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Three topics this week*:

  • Arturo talks about his journey into the world of online discussion forums and blog comments
  • Phil Davison, who has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a bachelor’s degree in History, a master’s degree in Public Administration…and a master’s degree in Communication.
  • We discuss Urban Legends: Why suburbs, not cities, are the answer.

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* Well, actually last week: this was recorded on September 16.

This week we talk about two articles:

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Jon, Arturo, and Chris are joined by Jose Marichal (of ThickCulture) and Alexandre Enkerli. A wide-ranging discussion ensues, and we tackle questions such as:

We also manage to start a discussion about pornography on the internet and end up talking about the failure of consensus in the Senate. Try to guess how we get from point A to point B on that one.

Various links referenced in the episode:

Improv Number Ten!