Due to the current state of the economy of the United States many individuals across the country are concerned about job security.  With the current unemployment rate in the U.S. climbing to 7.2 % (U.S. Labor Department), those who are unemployed are finding it extremely difficult to obtain employment with so many competing in the job market.  For many, maintaining or obtaining employment is on their mind from the moment they awake until they fall asleep, with some even finding their worries invading sleep time.  These concerns have different implications for different people, but for ex-convicts the state of the economy can have the greatest implications. 

For those without a job, having to “check the box” at a time with so many seeking new employment their odds for being hired are pretty dismal.  This obviously has great implications for being able to obtain legitimate means to being able to support themselves.  Much research has shown support for a relationship between unemployment and recidivism. One can only imagine the sociological research that is going to be conducted within the next decade on the effects the recession has had crime in general, as well as recidivism rates.  In a recent news article (see below) the implications on the tough job market for ex-convicts are discussed.  For additional information on criminal records, unemployment, and recidivism see the link below.


Tight job market makes finding work even tougher for ex-convicts

Tight Job Market Makes Finding Work Even Tougher for Ex-Convicts



Ban the Box to Promote Ex-Offender Employment