Justin A. B. drew our attention to a Marie Claire fashion slide show titled “Nude is the New Black.”  By “nude” (ironically) they mean, “white-person-color.”  To rub it in, I am going to show you every single picture.  Every. Single. One.

The remaining 15 after the jump:

Still don’t believe me?  We’ve been covering this phenomenon.  See our posts on “flesh-colored,” Michelle Obama’s “nude” colored dress, the new in-color, lotion for “normal to darker skin,” and color-assisted medical diagnosis.

NEW! (July ’10): Anna sent in another example, this time an article about Givenchy’s Fall 2010 collection. According to the article (at style.com), “everything was white, flesh-colored, or gold, with a salon dedicated to each shade.” On the Givenchy website, they use the term “nude.” An example of a “flesh-colored/nude” dress:

A group photo that shows the range of colors; the two in the middle are the “nude” dresses:

Also NEW! (July ’10): Juliana B. pointed out that in the May 2010 issue of Esquire an article on haircuts completely ignored Black men, who might not be able to use the suggestions on their hair…but in the June issue, the editor responded to a letter from a reader by acknowledging “he’s right.” They then included a segment on haircuts for Black men:


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