In her now-classic books The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat, Carol Adams analyzes similarities in the presentation of meat products (or the animals they come from) and women’s bodies. She particularly draws attention to sexualized fragmentation–the presentation of body parts of animals in ways similar to sexualized poses of women–and what she terms “anthropornography,” or connecting the eating of animals to the sex industry. For an example of anthropornography, Adams presents this “turkey hooker” cooking utensil:

Adams also discusses the conflation of meat/animals and women–while women are often treated as “pieces of meat,” meat products are often posed in sexualized ways or in clothing associated with women. The next eleven images come from Adams’s website:

Editor’s note: There are SO MANY examples in this post, we’ve decided to put them after the jump. Enjoy!

Connecting cars, masculinity, and meat:

For a more in-depth, theoretical discussion of the connections between patriarchy, gender inequality, and literal consumption of meat and symbolic consumption of women, we highly encourage you to check out Adams’s website.

This type of imagery has by no means disappeared, so we’ve amassed quite a collection of our own here at Sociological Images. Pitseleh S. sent in this one:

Penny sent in this Dutch coffee ad, found here:

An ad I found for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter:

I found this ad for Skyy vodka the other day, which is similar to the Kenneth Cole ad above. It’s odd that an ad that uses the idea of being “natural” incorporates an image of a woman in a very, very unnatural foot position.

Blanca pointed me to Skinny Cow ice cream, which uses this sexualized image of a cow (who also has a measuring tape around her waist to emphasize that she’s skinny):

For reasons I cannot comprehend, there are Skinny Cow scrapbooking events.

Camilla P. sent us this commercial for Rustlers Burger (we think from England but we’re not sure). She says it was eventually pulled because of complaints (found here).

Mustard and ketchup are sexy (from Las Vegas Living):

If only women were noodles:

Are you hungry for some lovin’, er, lunchin’? Do you have an all-American appetite for chick(en)s? Or are you secretly ravenous for pig? We think we might have just the thing to satisfy your lust for breast, thigh, and rump:

(These ads were designed by a marketing firm in Thailand. Found via copyranter.)

Denia sent in this image of “Frankfurters” with sexy ladies on them. The text says “Undress me!” in Czech.

Finally, Teresa C. of Moment of Choice brought our attention to Lavazza coffee company’s 2009 calendar, shot by Annie Liebowitz (originally found in the Telegraph):

Spanish-language ads for Doritos (here, via Copyranter):



Tiffany L. brought me this ad for Three Olives vodka:


Get it? Your “O” face?

Here’s a Max Factor ad:


And p.j. sent in this Hardee’s ad, which I don’t think requires any commentary:

Amanda C. sent in this sign seen at Taste of Chicago:


Dmitiriy T.M. sent us this perplexing Hardee’s French Dip “commercial.”  It’s basically three minutes of models pretending like dressing up as French maids for Hardees and pouting at the camera while holding a sandwich is a good gig:

NEW!  Dmitriy also sent us this photo of Sweet Taters in New Orleans:


Some of the above images come from Carol J. Adams’s website. She’s the author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory.There’s also this ad. And these images.

NEW! (Oct. ’09) Jacqueline R. sent in this commercial for Birds Eye salmon fish sticks:

ALSO NEW! (Oct. ’09): Crystal J. pointed out that a Vegas restaurant is using these images from the 1968 No More Miss America protest in advertisements currently running in the UNLV campus newspaper, the Rebel Yell. Here’s a photo from the protest:


And here’s the ad:

RY grind burger

Adams commented one one of these images in the 1990s; how unfortunate that it’s still in use.

NEW (Jan ’09)! Edward S. drew our attention to this doozy:

NEW (Aug. ’09)! Dmitriy T.M. sent us this example from Louisiana:

Haven’t had enough?  See this post too.

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